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Title: Title of your Web Site Including keywords.
Description: A description of your Web Site including some of your keywords.
KeyWords: (separate with commas) Keywords that will be searched to find your Web Site. It is more important to have a few specific important keywords than many non-specific keywords.
Author: Author or designer of your Web Site
Copyright: Copyright ©2006 Your Company, all rights reserved or similar.
Rating: Site rating system. Select value from a drop down list of valid values.
Revisit After:

After how many days should the spider revisit this page. The standard is the default setting.

Spider : Should the spider index all of the pages it finds? You may change these settings for your individual pages that you do not want spidered or indexed.
Distribution : This Meta tag designates the distribution range of your document.
Global : Normal Internet Sites
Local : Mostly Intranet Sites
Language : What language is your Site written in.
E-mail : Contact E-mail Address.
Cache : Tells web browsers that this page should be gathered again from the Net or from the browsers cache.
Charset : The CHARSET attribute, specifies the international name of a character set.
Some browsers and search engines use it to delimit sexual explicit Content.
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