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A2ZSitesolutions provides title services and products such as abstract services, title production and processing. We have experience in online nationwide Title Search, Report generation, Tax search, Mortgage process, and Indexing services.

Headquartered in Texas, US, we have branch offices located at multiple locations in India. Our three full time shifts ensure that our orders are turned into commitments within 24 hours. Most of our online counties take less than 8 hours.

We have a combination of highly skilled staff, innovative processes and have created a service level that strives to continually exceed the expectations of the client. Our global approach allows us to dedicate ourselves to providing unparallel accuracy and an over all customer satisfaction.

  • Current Owner Search

    A Current Owner Search is the process of searching and retrieving documents evidencing events in the history of a piece of real property, to determine relevant interests in and regulations concerning that property. This brings to you the current vesting deed and all deeds leading back to the most recent out-of-family deed that is at least 24 months old. This would also include copies of any open mortgages and assignments against the current owners, any judgments and liens against the current owners, and also tax assessment and current tax information including any delinquencies.

    • Title Report
    • Vesting Deed
    • Chain deed(s) for 24 months
    • Security Deed(s) / Mortgages
    • Judgments and Liens
  • Two Owner Search

    Same as current owner search above except from the execution date of the deed from the second owner back of record for the subject property forward. At times there are ownership interests and mortgages not extinguished when a new owner takes title. This search will uncover those as well as the benefits of a current owner search.

    • Title Report
    • Vesting Deed
    • Previous Owner Chain deed
    • Chain deed(s) for 24 months
    • Security Deed(s)
    • Judgments and Liens
  • Full Search

    This would include a detailed Title search on Current and Previous owners, done for Sale/Resale transactions and for transactions that involve construction loans for insured products. Full search also includes searches related to property lien, easements, CC&Rs-covenants, conditions and restrictions, agreements, and resolutions and ordinances that affect real property.

    • Title Report
    • Security Deed(s)
    • Vesting Deed
    • Chain deed(s) for 40 Years
    • Assignments
    • Power of Attorney
    • Affidavits
    • Liens
    • Covenants
    • Easements
    • Plat Map
    • Taxes
  • Tax Search

    We perform tax research and reporting services for over 2800 counties in the United States. The information is obtained online, or by calling the counties. We obtain taxes from all tax authorities as appropriate and relevant to the particular county, and this includes county, city, municipality, etc. Our tax report will contain complete information of the real estate taxes for the subject property, including tax status, due dates, good thru dates, and delinquency information.

    • Provides Tax Information
    • Assessment Information
    • Tax Status
    • Paid Tax Details
    • Deliquent Taxes
  • Condominium Search

    • Master deed
    • Amendments
    • Declaration of Trust
    • Current list of Trustees
    • Most current phase
  • Deed Only Search

    Deeds are the written record of the transfer of an interest in real property and typically are used to transfer ownership rights. Deed only Search would identify the present and the previous owner. It provides the recording information, legal description, and parcel ID number of the property. A copy of the actual vesting deed is available upon request.

Title Reports

  • Full Title Report
  • Current Owner Property Information Report
  • Ownership and Encumbrance property report
  • HELOC/Legal and VestingReport
  • Deed and Mortgage Search Report
  • Mortgage Record Verification
  • Mortgage Release Verification
  • Land Title Report
  • Commitment Typing

Our professionals will perform a detailed review and research of the title search to determine the status of ownership and any conditions affecting title to the property. A title detailed document will be issued showing all liens, mortgages and encumbrances to be addressed in the issuance of a final title policy.

A2Z provides excellent service and maintains outstanding quality on our deliverables for the orders we receive from our customers.We have an offshore team fully equipped and sufficiently staffed to ensure prompt response to all our customer needs. We are extremely meticulous and maintain high standards to keep our customers happy.Our turn around time is 24 working hours and we cater and complete rush orders in 4 hours.We carry E & O insurance of $1 million.

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